Learning Teaching for Mastery

“A commitment that ALL pupils can and will achieve in mathematics by providing opportunities for all pupils to develop the depth and rigour they need to make secure and sustained progress over time”

There’s been a great deal around Primary Mastery over the last 2 years and we have been piloting for one year a Teaching for Understanding (Mastery) scheme of learning for the Secondary classroom.

Teaching for mastery is crucial in embedding skills and knowledge in students. The recent National Curriculum in mathematics and the GCSE syllabus underline the importance and value of teaching approaches that give students the best chance of securing both deep understanding of mathematical concepts and fluency in applying them.

Teaching for Understanding @ KS3 (Mastery) will be a programme preparing maths teachers to understand the principles behind a mastery curriculum and how to plan and deliver lessons for depth and breadth of understanding in mathematics. There will be four full days and optional twilights and interim exercises to complete covering:

  • Introduction to Mastery @ KS3
  • Planning for delivery
  • Lesson delivery including:
    • Principles of lesson delivery
    • Lesson observations
    • Teacher Research group

At the end of the programme, maths teachers will be able to take a sample of lessons from the Scheme of Learning along with their own lesson excerpts and those of fellow delegates.

Remaining Dates

  • Tuesday 7th March 2017

All sessions will take place at the OIE Conference Centre, Adwick, DN6 7EQ – 8:30 – 3:00pm


Lesson Observation Feedback

Excellent! Showed me what I am doing with T4U and the lessons is on the right lines. This has helped me no end. To see how it should be done and realise how to fine tune my own lessons.

Above my expectations! I loved that we got the chance to observe a lesson for the full hour. I felt quite confident as I have taught that lesson and feel I taught it in a very similar way.