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England – Shanghai Teacher Exchange 2016-17

A teacher from Adelaide Primary School in Hull has been selected to take part in a prestigious teacher exchange, focusing on mathematics, with a partner school in Shanghai.Suzanne Adkinson is among 70 expert mathematics teachers from schools across England taking part in an exchange as part of the Maths Hub programme. Adelaide Primary School is working with the Yorkshire and Humber Maths Hub.

The purpose of the exchange is to further develop the understanding and implementation of mastery approaches to teaching maths in Suzanne’s school, and in local partner schools she will be working with during the school year (2016-2017) and all schools in the region.

This is one part of what is called the Teaching for Mastery Programme, run by the National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics (NCETM) in conjunction with the Maths Hubs programme. In July this year, the School Standards Minister, Nick Gibb, announced £41m of funding for the Teaching for Mastery programme over the next four school years.

The group of teachers, all of whom completed the Mastery Specialists programme within their Maths Hubs last year, will be visiting Shanghai in the first half of November this year, and hosting their partner teachers from Shanghai in English schools in late November/early December 2016.

There are 35 Maths Hubs, spread across England, each led by a school with a record of high achievement in maths and of supporting improvements in maths teaching and learning in neighbouring schools. This is the third teacher exchange with schools in Shanghai since the Maths Hubs programme was launched in autumn 2014.

For more information, see the maths hubs website

How to get involved

Open classroom events will take place at Adelaide Primary School, Walker Street, Hull HU3 2RA on:

  • Tuesday 6th December at 12:30pm – 3:00pm – Session Full
  • Wednesday 7th December at 12:30pm – 3:00pm
  • Thursday 8th December at 9:15am – 12:00pm – Session Full

At these events, colleagues will have the opportunity to observe and discuss a primary mastery lesson based on the Shanghai methods. There will be a pre-lesson briefing, the lesson, and then a teacher research discussion group afterwards. During this time the lesson and all the resources will be shared.

Location and Parking
The events will take place at Adelaide Primary School, Walker Street, Hull HU3 2RA. 01482 223753.
There is limited parking available at the school and around the school site. Wherever possible, please arrange car sharing.

To secure a place at one of these events, please complete the booking form below.

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Teacher Exchange Blog

NCP1b Secondary England – China Exchange

Yorkshire & The Humber Maths Hub welcome our two Shanghai teachers to Outwood Academy Adwick!

Two maths teachers from a school in Shanghai arrived for a three week period teaching maths at Outwood Academy Adwick in Doncaster. Staff and students made sure the visitors felt welcomed with welcome banners and balloons outside of the academy along with an array of gifts at a welcome ceremony from the students in the academy.

The Shanghai teachers will be working and teaching alongside Mark Crossley, maths teacher at Outwood Academy Adwick, who went on a research visit to Shanghai in September this year.

The exchange is part of a project, funded by the Department for Education (DfE), to help English secondary school teachers understand and implement some of the key elements of Shanghai maths teaching that have proved so effective in helping school pupils in Shanghai reach levels of attainment far ahead of their counterparts in England and the rest of the world.

The project is being run as part of the National Maths Hubs programme, funded by the DfE, and coordinated by the National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics (NCETM). Thirty-four Maths Hubs have been established across England to bring about improvements in maths education for school and college pupils of all ages.

A similar exchange, involving primary school teachers, took place between England and Shanghai last school year.

As part of the exchange visit, teachers and other maths professionals have the opportunity to access free CPD sessions to give greater understanding of mastery through observing a lesson followed by a workshop on the main features of Shanghai Maths Teaching.

If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Part two of the England-Shanghai teacher exchange

Part two of the England-Shanghai teacher exchange has been completed successfully. In November Outwood Academy Adwick hosted two teachers from Shanghai for three weeks. During this time the two teachers taught year 7 and year 8 lessons.

The PowerPoints and worksheets from these lessons can be downloaded from this Dropbox.

Over the next few weeks we will be uploading various video clips of their lessons onto the website. Keep checking back for updates! We envisage that these will be particularly useful CPD materials.

For next stage of the project we will be working more closely with 5 or 6 secondary schools in order to allow maths teachers there to start to use and practise, and also start to deepen their own understanding of, the principles and practice of Shanghai-style teaching for mastery. We anticipate that there will be a significant number of schools who are interested in becoming involved in this. Please discuss this with the head of maths and/or the SLT link person at your school, and if your school is interested get in touch with us via e-mail before noon on Friday 5th February stating a desire to participate.

Maths Hub Visit to China - Phase 1

In order to improve outcomes in Maths nationally the DfE funded an England/China research project. Following on from the Shanghai visit the DfE undertook in February 2015, a number of teachers were selected in this project; each being attached to a Maths Hub.

Outwood Institute of Education was successful in becoming one of 4 Maths Hubs in this region and will be known as The Yorkshire and the Humber Maths Hub. Three representatives from Outwood visited schools in Shanghai between 19th September 2014 and 4th October 2014 to learn from the highly successful approaches used to teach Maths.

Whilst they were there they worked alongside high performing Chinese teachers who then visited schools in Wakefield to model these strategies. It is hoped that findings from this project will be shared with teachers across the region and nationally.

Kathryn Greenhalgh, Senior Director of Maths said” It is an absolute privilege to be part of this research opportunity and we are looking forward to working with our colleagues in Shanghai. We believe that sharing good practice with outstanding teachers in other countries can only improve outcomes for children here”

New Pictures from China - Phase 1

Shanghai – UK Research Project – Wave 1

After arriving in the United Kingdom and spending three days at the National College, CeCe arrived to work at Outwood Primary Academy Ledger Lane. The class chosen for this wave one pilot project was 2/3LC with Miss Cleasby. This class consists of 14 year 2 children and 18 year 3 children with varying levels and age related expectations. The main focus was to implement a shorter Shanghai style lesson (35-40 minutes) with a blend of teacher modelling and short practice tasks. Additionally to this, we have trialled the same day intervention model which enables the class teacher to assess the completed work and formulate smaller guided groups before the school day finishes. Observations of children have illustrated that their confidence and resilience has grown as a result of a system which prevents the gap from the highest attainers to the lowest attainers increasing. Within the lessons, the main focus has been multiplication moving on to number facts and division. The lessons have been designed to enable children to independently investigate, discover relationships within concepts and deepen knowledge through varied conceptual understanding. Learning has been supported using visual resources that underpin the abstract concepts. Prior to CeCe’s arrival, the 32 children completed a baseline assessment and at the end of the pilot project they will be reassessed in order to show progress and impact of the new systems in place. In addition, the children will also complete an attitudinal survey allowing us to gain an understanding of their views on mathematics.
Beyond this pilot, OPALL lead the same day intervention project from January-May along four other schools, led by Luke McNamara and Lee Wilson.

Phase 1 Report

This Phase 1 report outlines the implementation of the Shanghai model and how this has had a direct impact on the Year 2/3 children’s deeper conceptual understanding, procedural fluency and attitude to maths. The report shows immediate reflections on the piloted mastery teaching and intervention model and highlights the next steps that will be embedded to further enhance the practice across the group schools who are engaging in the Yorkshire & Humber Maths Hub project.