National Professional Qualification of Headship (NPQH)

The Outwood Institute of Education is delighted to be a provider of the National Professional Qualification for Headship!

You are now only 12-18 months away from applying for your first headteacher job. The NPQH will put you onto the right path to becoming an outstanding headteacher. You should have the full support of your current headteacher or line manager before you undertake the NPQH. OIE are on hand should you need any support at any point of your application, including assisting with communications just email us at

The application window is now closed.

If you would like to register your interest for the next cohort of the NPQH Programme, please complete the contact form below.

Why National Professional Qualification for Headship?

The NPQH teaches you to develop, improve and sustain high quality teaching across your whole school. You’ll learn about:

• Your role and responsibilities as a headteacher, improving & leading teaching
• Management systems required in an effective school
• Essential legal and accountability components of headship
• Strategic financial planning and operational budget management
• HR and Health and Safety


What next?

Once you have decided you wish to complete the NPQH, you need to select your NPQH provider. At OIE we are on hand to help you at every stage of your career development. We know how important it is that all your learning needs are catered for; please call us to discuss how we can develop your own personal pathway for the NPQH.

Why not come along and take part in a NPQH teaching session with our current students? This way you can see how we deliver the course and get an opportunity to speak to current delegates about their experience with OIE so far – we have 100% outstanding feedback from our graduates. If you would like to attend please email the course leader with your name and telephone number to


Why Outwood Institute of Education?

At OIE we believe that children come first and everything we do underpins this key focus, including how we deliver our NPQ courses.

All our courses are delivered by serving school leaders, who all have a proven record of success and all our evaluations to date have been outstanding. We blend the theory of leadership with practical learning, as we know this leads to improved outcomes for both you and for your children and young people.

You will be taught in a learning environment at Outwood Grange Academy, Outwood Conference Centre Doncaster and, where possible, at locations close to your home. With over 20 cross-phase schools, in Yorkshire, your training, and fellow participants, will represent this diversity.

At OIE we are committed to your future development. When you finish your NPQH we are always on hand to provide you with leadership support. We offer a wide range of high quality CPD to ensure you can continue your professional development.

We have built a relationship with Sheffield Hallam University to allow you to gain Credits and Transfer Scheme (CATS) points, which contribute towards a Master’s degree.



The cost to study the NPQH with OIE is £1,946 (excluding VAT).

The course duration is 6-18 months and is suitable for those who are 12-18 months away from applying for their first headship position.

The final assessment is undertaken by additonal EMLC and fees are payable to them for this (currently £1,500). Please visit their website to confirm (



To be able to qualify you must complete three essential and two elective modules, which include extended case studies and related in school activities and assignments.

All the NPQH modules contain a blend of work based (within your school), online, reflective and facilitated learning. This typically equates to 40-50 hours of learning in total.

Each module will vary in how to balance these elements but they all usually consist of 50% work based learning.


Final Assessment

The final assessment process will comprise three assessed tasks and a final presentation / interview:

  • Task 1: Within a 12 month period you will be required to undertake a strategic leadership task in your own school (or agreed school setting if you are not based in school) in which you lead for an extended period (a minimum of two terms) on an actual school improvement priority.
  • Task 2: You are required to undertake a task in your placement school in which you lead for a short period (a minimum of four days of their placement) on an actual school improvement priority working closely with placement school staff and the school leadership team (SLT and Governing Body or equivalent). You should develop a strong relationship with your placement school to extend own learning about school leadership.
  • Task 3: This task will involve you undertaking a paper based assessment. The task will enable you to use your practical experience of school leadership, learning from the essential and elective modules and your knowledge and expertise in key policy areas. The task will comprise two case studies/situational judgement tests, structured around Leading School Financial Management & Leading Teacher Appraisal. This will require decisions to be made and actions justified, demonstrating your capability in specified leadership competencies.

The National College has proposed that the above tasks are completed and assessed prior to the:

  • Panel interview: you are required to attend a panel interview (with at least one serving head) to make a presentation and respond to questions on your progress towards successful headship.
  • Your own headteacher and the placement school headteacher will be required to write a report on your progress during the NPQH, which will form part of the final assessment evidence.

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