Ann Lambert – Learning Resources, SEND - Head of Learning Resources, Outwood Academy Adwick

Ann has worked at the school since 1995 and in June 2005 was successful in becoming the Academy Librarian, becoming actively involved with the students, developing strong relationships with them through various activities.

Under OCR, Ann is able to deliver the Text and Word Processing coursework with regular exams three times during the year, which is not only for students, but for parents too, helping to forge links with the community in addition to gaining recognized qualifications. The extended schools programme means Ann organizes many skills for life courses for parents, in addition to forging links with North Ridge Community School, a specialist school for children with severe learning difficulties and with five classes per week visiting the library to work on new and challenging activities.

Ann’s role within the Deeps means overseeing the Leading Parent Partnership Award (LPPA), gathering evidence for Ofsted, to show that the Academy works closely with its parents and carers, and creating a Community Voice group, which not only involves parents but members of the community too. Ann’s main area of development currently is through the Accelerated Reader project, which is designed to help improve reading in all students.