Brent Rothwell – Maths - Second in Dept, Airedale Academy

Currently Second in Maths at Airedale Academy Brent has worked closely with the Head of Department to help the school achieve its best ever results. As a teacher of two year 11 groups, his own results were a contributing factor to this achievement, with his top set gaining a record breaking amount of A/A* grades.

This year and last, Brent obtained ‘outstanding’ judgements, including a grade 1 Ofsted lesson. He feels strongly that it is teaching consistently engaging lessons over time, rather than in a one off lesson, that leads to students making outstanding progress. These are the attributes that he seeks to develop in other leaders.

As a leader with responsibility for Key Stage 3, Brent has implemented Maths booklets in form time focussing on the key skills, with which they can build their knowledge. In addition, intervention groups have been set up and these are fluid groups depending on performance. After each data collection, the results are analysed and shared with the department, highlighting to colleagues the areas of achievement and areas of concern.

Brent is regularly a mentor and a coach to the ITT students on placement within Maths. He has worked in liaison with many ITT providers and the ITT Coordinator in order that the students made good and outstanding progress. As part of this process, he has taught demonstration lessons for them to observe outstanding Maths teaching techniques, conducted peer-marking sessions with them and have modelled good practice.