Cheryl Eastwood - ICT, Subject Leadership - Assistant Principal, Airedale Academy

Cheryl started her teaching career at Woodkirk High School in Leeds and upon leaving there a year later took up the Position of 2nd in ICT at Airedale Academy (then Airedale High School). Within a year of working at Airedale, Cheryl became Head of ICT.

When starting work at Airedale the pass rate in ICT was at 3% and as such it was a fantastic opportunity to turn around a failing Department.

Now 5 years later she is still working at Airedale Academy as Assistant Principal in charge of curriculum and timetabling and loving every minute!

Outside of school I am very lucky to have two amazing little boys (2 ½ and 8 months) and as such any spare time I have is devoted to the two of them.