Mandy Mason - Literacy, Primary - Assistant Headteacher

Mandy has been a teacher for over twenty years with a passion for teaching, a passion for English (especially writing) and a passion for motivating children. She genuinely believes that writing can be fun and aims to encourage and inspire colleagues to adopt a positive attitude when they are teaching this subject.

Mandy’s experience has predominately been in schools of high social deprivation but this has shown just how rewarding working in a challenging environment can be. Having worked with various groups of pupils within both primary Key Stages, her experience is within those middle years Year 2 to Year 5 and she has been lucky enough in the past to have been given the opportunities to share her expertise, in her own schools (as assistant head teacher, Key Stage Leader, Subject leader and NQT mentor) in the local pyramid (chairing a literacy steering group) and also with colleagues from other schools within the local authority (as an ECAW lead and Leading Literacy teacher).

Mandy has a strong vision of what pupils should experience in English lessons and this has had a clear impact on end of year results and the enjoyment and overall Literacy experience for pupils and teachers. She is particularly enthusiastic about making cross curricular links, finding real reasons for writing and demanding the needs of boys are met. Part of her role has been to ensure that those children who are not making the desired progress have the appropriate intervention programme and also to ensure that more able pupils are stretched and achieve their full potential. Mandy coaches colleagues to use data to see the clear link between assessment, target setting and guided work and interventions.

She has been part of a leadership team that has steered two schools through amalgamation and all the challenges that this presents to colleagues, the whole school team pupils and parents.