Neeta Rai – Science - Associate Director of Science – Outwood Grange Academies Trust

In addition to her current role, Neeta has also been employed in a Leeds inner city academy as a Learning Zone Director. These positions entail working collaboratively with departments and SLE members to enable teaching, learning and leadership to move forwards, enabling pupils to achieve their full potential. It is crucial that strategies are employed that allow all staff to monitor and track progress on a regular basis, as well as enabling purposeful intervention to take place. Neeta has worked as a successful Head of Science for a number of years, as well as overseeing other departments and delivering leadership CPD. IShe has also led on whole school strategies linked to literacy across the curriculum as well as other whole school initiatives.

Science is all about exciting students to learn about the natural world around them through curiosity and observations. It is so very important to engage, enthuse and motivate our young learner allowing them to achieve their full potential.