Nicky Crum - Science - Director of Science, Wakefield City Academy Trust.

INicky has been a teacher of science and A-Level Biology for 14 years working at two very different schools. For the last 4 years, Nicky has also been employed as the Wakefield Authority’s Science Advanced Skills Teacher, working alongside numerous schools on a range of different situations and scenarios both within science departments and whole school.

Nicky’s passion lies in making science exciting and engaging for all teachers and learners, using the Mantle of the Expert to engage pupils and make science more relevant and ‘real’, this works very well with Key Stage 3 students.

Nicky is a firm believer in cross curricular links, allowing learning to come out of ‘zones’ and into other learning areas within schools and currently hold the position of Literacy Coordinator for Ossett Academy, delivering Inset training and produced the Academy’s literacy and marking policies.

Nicky has delivered training on moving teachers from satisfactory to good and good to outstanding in science and has provided motivational workshops aimed at both teachers and administrative and support staff.