Recruitment Opportunities

Current recruitment opportunities

  • EYFS Specialists
  • Mastery Readiness Lead
  • Secondary Mastery Specialist Programme- Cohort 2 (2018-19)
  • Primary Mastery Specialist Programme -Cohort 4 (2018-19)
  • Secondary Teaching for Mastery Lead
  • Level 3 Lead

EYFS Specialists

Aims and objectives To develop the local leadership individuals of EY mathematics who will go on to support leaders of EY settings with the ongoing development and evaluation of mathematics provision Rationale There are recognised / accredited Professional Development (PD) Lead programmes for Primary, Secondary and Post 16, but not for EY practitioners. This proposal will provide the opportunity to recognise and work with EY maths specialists and support them to create local networks to develop mathematics practice. The EY PD Leads would then be able to work with the networks to develop age appropriate subject knowledge and moderation of standards.

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Mastery Readiness Lead

Aims and objectives- To enable schools in priority areas in the Northern Powerhouse region to successfully implement teaching for mastery. Rationale - The programme will operate in the Northern Powerhouse region to provide bespoke support and professional development for schools prior to engagement in the mainstream teaching for mastery (TfM) programme. This programme will address the prerequisites for successful engagement in the TfM programme to ensure that schools are “mastery ready” and are able to engage successfully in the mainstream programme. All schools completing the pre-TfM mastery programme will progress to the main programme the following year. Schools are expected to commit to two years of the programme, the first year focused on preparation for TfM and the second year engaged in the mainstream programme.

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Level 3 Lead

Supporting the development of Level 3 Maths continues to be a priority for the Maths Hubs programme. Work is underway to strengthen co-ordination between FMSP, CMSP and Maths Hubs in this area. Each Maths Hub is recruiting a Level 3 Maths Lead who will lead a Level 3 Maths Co-ordination Group, working closely with the appropriate Core Maths Lead (CML) and FMSP Area Co-ordinator (AC). The Level 3 Maths Lead will also be expected to collaborate with other Level 3 Maths Leads from across the Maths Hubs Network.

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Secondary Mastery Specialist Programme- 2018/19 Cohort 2

Following the ongoing success of the first cohort of the secondary Mastery Specialist programme, Maths Hubs, working in conjunction with the NCETM, are now seeking applications from secondary schools that wish to nominate ‘lead teachers’ to take part in an important three-year professional development programme leading to the designation of Secondary Mastery Specialist. Schools nominating teachers for this role would be committed to developing teaching for mastery in their own classrooms, their own mathematics department and, later on, facilitate and support teaching for mastery in a small number of other interested secondary schools within their Maths Hub area.

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Primary Mastery Specialist Programme -Cohort 4 (2018-19)

Following the very successful first three cohorts of the primary Mastery Specialist programme, the NCETM and Maths Hubs are now seeking to recruit a fourth cohort of expert primary school teachers to develop and work as Primary Mastery Specialists. The below document gives information about the programme and how teachers and their schools can apply to be involved. The closing date for applications is Monday 5th March 2018 5pm.

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Secondary Teaching for Mastery Lead

The Teaching for Mastery Programme is being expanded in April 2018. In order to support this expansion all Maths Hubs are identifying a Teaching for Mastery Lead to coordinate the work around the development of teaching for mastery across the hub. This document contains information and guidance in relation to: • The requirements of the role • Who should apply • The qualifications and experience necessary for the role • The application and selection process

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