Additional eligibility criteria

Participant eligibility

For the purpose of TSST, non-specialists are deemed to be those teachers who have not undertaken initial teacher training (ITT) in the TSST subject in which they are training.

TSST in secondary mathematics, core maths and physics is specifically targeted at:

  • non-specialist teachers who could potentially teach secondary mathematics, core maths or physics in addition to, or as their main subject
  • non-specialist teachers who are currently teaching mathematics, core maths or physics (either full-time or in addition to the specialist subject)
  • teachers who are looking to return to the profession

Additional eligibility criteria

  • newly qualified teachers (NQTs) are eligible to undertake TSST training
  • primary teachers are only eligible to undertake TSST if they will be teaching year 7/8 pupils as part of cross-school key stage 2/3 collaboration (e.g. in a multiacademy trust (MAT) or middle school) or if they have firm plans to convert from primary to a secondary teaching post
  • participants who are members of and have been awarded Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills status (QTLS) by the Society for Education are eligible for the programme if they have firm plans to teach a TSST subject in a secondary school or sixth form college
  • supply teachers and peripatetic teachers are eligible only if they do not have a contract with a school and are committed to returning to a permanent post in a secondary school or sixth form college
  • teachers without QTS working in academies are eligible for the programme
  • participants may undertake a second TSST programme only where they can evidence that it will lead to an increase in their teaching hours in that subject. This will be by exception and NCTL will consider this on a case by case basis. You will be asked to provide information to support each case and a template is provided in annex 1. Lead schools should not accept these participants on their programme until each case has been considered and approved by NCTL
  • overseas trained teachers should be resident and eligible to work in the UK, and actively seeking a post in secondary school or sixth form college

If you are not eligible and would like to take part in the programme, there will be a charge of £250.

Please contact for further information.