Secondary Teaching for Mastery at Key Stage 3

The secondary teaching for mastery at key stage 3 is a work group which we are really excited about. This follows on from the work done in the Maths Hub on developing a KS3 curriculum to meet the key aims and incorporate pedagogy from the Shanghai exchange.

This Work Group is a free CPD opportunity for two members of your department. There will be 4 sessions throughout the year.

The teachers involved would leave with a greater understanding of teaching for mastery. They will not only receive training in each session but also get to see a lesson in practice. Each session will provide staff with resources which they can take back into school and share with their department, as well as training resources to develop other staff in the department.

The Feedback!

  • Temple Moor High School

    This programme has renewed my confidence that Mathematics education is improving in the U.K.


  • Outwood Academy Shafton

    I now feel incredibly confident and enthusiastic about mastery, which naturally means my students now are!


The 2017/18 programme is running at three different locations.

Doncaster – Hungerhill School

TRG1: Hungerhill school:Thursday 30 November 08:45-13:00
TRG2: Hungerhill school:Thursday 25 January 08:45-13:00
TRG3: Hungerhill school:Thursday 15 March 08:45-13:00
TRG4: Hungerhill school:Friday 15 June: 08:45-16:00

Wakefield – Outwood Grange Academy

TRG1: Wakefield (OGA): Wednesday 24 January 07:45-12:00.
TRG2 Wakefield (OGA): Wednesday 14 March 07:45-12:00.
TRG3: Wakefield (OGA): Wednesday 25 April 07:45-12:00.
TRG4: Wakefield (OGA): Wednesday 13 June 07:45-15:00

Worksop – Outwood Academy Valley

TRG1: Worksop (OAV): Thursday 26 April 07:45-12:00.
TRG2 Worksop (OAV): Thursday 14 June 07:45-15:00
TRG3: Worksop (OAV): Week commencing 2nd July
TRG4: Worksop (OAV):

2017/18 How to apply

If you are interested in being part of this programme, please fill in the expression of interest and return to