Meet our Team

Lizzie Langley


What have you enjoyed about your School Direct course with Outwood Institute of Education?

Without a shadow of a doubt, the greatest aspect of my experience on this course has to be the phenomenal people that I have met along the way; some of which I now regard as my closest friends. Without the support of my amazing peers, I doubt I’d of ever made it through the course. Stuart, Jayne, and Steph have all been equally remarkable; making us believe that no problem is ever too demanding or difficult to solve. Meeting up weekly and being able to see your fellow trainees, who are in the same boat as you, is exactly what you need – especially when you’re getting a bit stressed (which you will)! Outwood Institute of Education provided us with the perfect amount of support throughout the year and were always happy to help no matter what the situation.

Why would you recommend training with Outwood Institute of Education?

I already have been, and will continue to, recommend training with OIE to anyone who tells me they’re considering training to be a teacher. As I have told many a hopeful future trainee, this course is a great for everyone, regardless of your previous school experience. If you have a passion for teaching and education, then you will always excel.

How did training the OIE help you get your job?

Training with OIE supplied me with all the tools and faculties I needed to be a successful teacher. I was trained for the essential areas before going into a school and this training continued throughout the rest of the year. From day one on your first you are being interviewed; I was really glad that I felt confident going in. I feel that the bespoke Outwood style training put me in excellent standing for applying for a job within the Outwood Grange Academy Trust and I feel that I owe my success to this.

What are you looking forward to in your NQT year at Outwood Grange?

I am really excited and enthusiastic to be returning to Outwood Grange Academy as an NQT. I am looking forward to getting my own classes and classroom so that I can establish myself as a fixture within the school. I hope to create some great relationships with the students and staff and to have an all-round successful NQT year.