Celebration Time For OIE Interns As Programme Ends

Ten students are celebrating as their internships come to an end having given them a valuable insight into teaching.

The Maths and Physics teaching internship programme, offered by the Outwood Institute of Education (OIE), is aimed at those in their penultimate year of university, studying a STEM related degree, and are considering a career in teaching.

This year saw ten undergraduates, who are currently studying at the University of York, the University of Lincoln, the University of Leeds and Teesside University, take part in the four-week programme, which was running for the second year.

The ten interns spent time working alongside experienced teachers, completing a bespoke training programme while also receiving guidance and advice on applying for a training position on the OIE’s Teach North School Direct Programme.

All interns on the programme said in an evaluation that they had found that ‘the internship had a positive impact’ on them, and two of the interns were former students at Outwood academies.

One of the former students who was an intern, Courtney Hargreaves, who attended Outwood Grange Academy and was able to be placed there while on the teaching internship programme. 

Courtney said: “The programme was a pleasant and informative insight into teaching and helped to clarify how I feel about going into the profession. The support throughout the four weeks was great and the advice from staff across all the academies has been taken on board.”

As part of their bespoke programme, the interns were involved with carrying out learning walks with Senior Leaders, attending Year 8 residentials, Director Days and exploring the Maths and Science curriculum that is provided to students within the Outwood Grange Academies Trust.

Emma Tate, Associate Director at the OIE, said: “We are delighted with the success of our teaching internship programme, now in its second year. The interns applied themselves well through the process and performed to a really high level.

“The purpose of this programme is to provide experience of teacher training for the participants and to give them an insight into the teaching profession. Showing the interns what it takes to be a teacher, and how to be successful at it.

“We would like to thank those academies that hosted the interns; Outwood Grange Academy; Outwood Academy Adwick; Outwood Academy Ormesby; Outwood Academy Acklam; Outwood Academy Hemsworth, Outwood Academy Redcar; and Outwood Academy Easingwold.”

The interns were able to celebrate their success with a celebration event at Outwood Grange Academy, where they were able to discuss their experience on the programme with each other.

The internship is a paid programme with each getting paid £1,200 for their participation and work.

Another intern on the programme, Chloe Milburn, has now secured herself a part-time Teaching Assistant role at Outwood Academy Ormesby from September, the academy where she was placed during the programme.

Chloe said: “The internship has taught me how to be a better teacher and also given me so many ideas to make my lessons more exciting. I have also wanted to be able to interact with students and I have been able to interact on a level that I never dreamed I could.”

Another intern, Ryan Kilgallon, who was placed at Outwood Academy Easingwold, said: “It has left a truly positive light on the profession of teaching and has definitely made me consider it as a career choice. 

“It has boosted my confidence, especially when I am talking to people about maths, so in the upcoming academic term if I have to help any of the lower year students at university this experience will be to their benefit.”

Finally, Rebecca Mitchell, who was also placed at Outwood Academy Easingwold, said: “It has encouraged me and allowed me the opportunity to see what it is like to be on the other side of a classroom and to see how much of an impact the teachers make to the student. 

“It has enabled me to form my own opinion of Outwood and has shown me the strength of the Outwood family.”