Leading Maths in a Multi-Academy Trust

This forum is for current Maths directors in MATS, aspirant Maths Directors in MATs, MTHS Leads in Aspirant Maths, Senior Leaders and CEOs.

  • This day will be designed to tackle both the structural and creative sides of Leading Maths in a MAT.
  • The morning will be about Systems and Structures, Due Diligence, Schemes of Work overview, Exams
  • The afternoon will focus on development of staff and systems and structures for this, Teaching for Understanding and how to implement a Trust-wide approach to Teaching and Learning.

Keynote Speaker:

Kathryn Greenhalgh, Executive Director of Maths

Kathryn Greenhalgh has been leading OGAT MATHEMATICS since January 2009 as following Outwood Grange supporting schools as an NLE when it began sponsoring academies. The growth of the Trust was steady at first, growing to 6 in 2011, and Kathryn’s team started to grow with the addition of 2 full-time Directors in 2011. Maths in the Trust has had continuous success, as even with most of the schools joining OGAT in a category and the weighted average APS being way below National, the weighted average results have been consistently above national for many years. We pride ourselves on the fact that the weighted progress has been strongly positive and that one academy achieved a progress measure of 1.5 and another +0.92 last year.

Kathryn has developed how to lead maths departments through her own experience, through gathering together all the best practice across the trust, through some very organised and specific structuring and also through the great development of teaching staff and leaders through really high quality professional development.

She is a firm believer in PEOPLE NOT PRODUCT – but ensures that if all the basics for each department are in place, then the training can be specific to the needs of the teams, and the leaders have the head-space to be more creative without having to fixate on when is the best time to do what paper for a mock and which tier of entry should they do for each student on the 9-1 …


Outwood Institute of Education Conference Centre, Tenter Balk Lane, Adwick Le Street, Doncaster, DN6 7EQ

Session 1 – All in a day’s work, including Shadowing a Director – Wednesday 23rd January 2019
Session 2 – Digging into Data – Wednesday 13th March 2019
Session 3 – Bespoke Session – TBC
Session 4 – Bespoke Session – TBC

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