Primary Mastery Readiness Programme



In the last three years, the NCETM and Maths Hubs have trained hundreds of primary teachers as Mastery Specialists, and thousands of schools have been helped by these specialists to start introducing mastery approaches in their maths lessons. This is called the Teaching for Mastery programme and it is set to continue for several more years.

But not all schools, for a variety of reasons, are ready to take that big step into a formal development programme in one leap. That is why there is now a Mastery Readiness Programme: a programme of training and bespoke support, which aims to provide a stepping stone to take school, after a year, into the ‘main’ Teaching for Mastery Programme.

Beginning in the 2018 summer term, the first, pilot Mastery Readiness Programme gets underway in the ten northern Maths Hubs areas, and schools are now being recruited.

There is no charge to schools participating in the programme.

How to Apply

Further details about the programme can be found in the below application form.

Please send completed application forms to

Data Privacy

As part of our role in leading the Yorkshire and the Humber Maths Hub, we collect and hold a certain amount of data about individuals involved in our work. The data includes name, role (with respect to hub work), school, email address, NCETM username and (in some cases) telephone number. The agreement between us and the Department of Education requires us to monitor and evaluate our work as a Maths Hub, and this is the legal basis for the data that we hold, on, for example, participation in the Work Groups that we coordinate. Such data is reported on a regular basis to the NCETM.

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