Maths Specialist Leaders of Education & Local Leaders of Maths Education Forum

Calling all maths SLEs, aspiring SLEs and leaders of maths within MATs.

Yorkshire and the Humber Maths Hub are creating a forum for all local leaders of maths from any phase to collaborate!

You don’t have to be a Work Group lead to be a Local Leader of Maths Education ..

You don’t need to be an SLE to be a Local Leader of Maths Education ..

You don’t need to be a HoD to be a Local Leader of Maths Education ..

Just as long as you have a passion for developing teachers of maths and the experience students get in their classroom, then this network is for you.

Over the year we will host five sessions. You can come to all five or you can opt in to join any one of them.

The first session is outlined below – and if you have to deliver any training to your department, or to ITTs, NQTs, as an SLE or in any circumstance involving the Professional Development of adults, this is for you!

Session: Leading Professional Development – understanding how different delegates approach their learning and designing PD effectively.

There will be opportunities to work in phase teams to share good practice.


  • Wednesday 21st November 2018, 4:00pm – 6:00pm at the Outwood Institute of Education,Adwick, Tenter Balk Lane, DN6 7EQ

The Maths SLE School Improvement Support Programme

This project aims to support mathematics SLEs in developing their approaches to mathematics school improvement work including drawing on the expertise of, and aligning more with approaches used in, the Maths Hubs Programme. It will provide a regional support programme for participants through three workshops and an online community.

The programme

The programme involves three face-to-face days, independent study and school-based work. It is designed for colleagues who are experienced SLEs or are new to the role. Throughout the three days, participants will engage in specific sessions to develop:

  • skills in driving the improvement in mathematics, including developing the capacity of school leadership of mathematics
  • knowledge and understanding of the challenges and barriers to school improvement in mathematics and how to tackle them
  • knowledge and understanding of effective teaching of mathematics including teaching for mastery.
    The programme will run in three locations: North (Leeds), Midlands (Birmingham) and South (London). Applicants will need to attend all three dates in their chosen cohort.

Who should apply

The programme is for current mathematics SLEs linked to a teaching school and will benefit those who have previous experience of developing leadership capacity in schools or are new to the role. Participants will be expected to commit to the full programme of activities and will need the support of the headteacher of their own school and teaching school.

How to apply

Applicants, with the support of their headteacher/principal/senior manager, should complete the form below and submit it to the NCETM ( copying in their headteacher, teaching school and if appropriate their Maths Hub by Friday 23 November 2018.

Following their application, they will receive a confirmation of receipt email from the NCETM. The selection process will be completed by the Friday 30 November 2018 and they will receive notification of the result of their application soon after.

Data Privacy

As part of our role in leading the Yorkshire and the Humber Maths Hub, we collect and hold a certain amount of data about individuals involved in our work. The data includes name, role (with respect to hub work), school, email address, NCETM username and (in some cases) telephone number. The agreement between us and the Department of Education requires us to monitor and evaluate our work as a Maths Hub, and this is the legal basis for the data that we hold, on, for example, participation in the Work Groups that we coordinate. Such data is reported on a regular basis to the NCETM.

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