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Yorkshire and the Humber Maths Hub is part of the national Maths Hub collaboration and we work in partnership with many other organisations.

Please click on the logos to access some of the organisations who work alongside us:

Maths Hubs 2014 – 2018

A look back at the first full three years of the Maths Hubs Programme.

We are delighted to share the new version of the ‘celebration’ video.

NCETM Secondary Magazine & Further Education – Issue 146

Welcome to the February edition of the NCETM’s Secondary Magazine, with longer days, and the prospect of seeing some daylight outside school hours! In this edition, they take the opportunity to visit a couple of the many Maths Hubs Network Collaborative Projects, being run by local Work Groups of teachers at a Maths Hub near you.

Click here to read the full magazine

EEF funded project called Maths-4-Life.

Essentially, 5 fantastic lessons, and 5 days of PD around key topics for GCSE resit students. The lessons have been trialled and improved with the help of 20 lead teachers from FE colleges around the country – so that they are suitable for the particular needs of resit students.

The independent evaluator has given us the go ahead to scale the project up to an RCT next year based on promising outcomes this year.

Looking to recruit schools and colleges to be a part of the trial. The only conditions are that schools should expect to have 10 or more students taking GCSE resits. Schools/colleges chosen for the intervention group receive the lessons and 5 days of PD. School/colleges chosen for the control group receive £1000 in lieu of the training. It’s a win-win!

project website

It’s a fantastic project, based around evidence, and seeking to build the evidence base for future developments.

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