Alison Jackson – Art - Advanced Skills Teacher, Outwood Grange Academy

Alison became an Advanced Skills Teacher in 2002 to enable her to fully concentrate her passion for teaching art both in the classroom and to the wider community. She has always found art teaching to be invigorating, stimulating and deeply enjoyable. In addition, achieving outstanding results and seeing the progress and breath-taking work of the young people is reward in itself. The reaction of visitors to the art gallery at OGA is usually of amazement – surely this is work of graduates and not school age children?

Alison has been proud to work with dozens of fellow art teachers who have been offered training and support in their own centres or “hands on” back at OGA. Placements have ranged from a day to a year and all are different.

Art continues to evolve in many ways, and we have to evolve with it. Alison is deeply immersed in the art world, a manic consumer of modern art and a voracious gallery visitor. With the SLE role her hope is to keep communicating this passion.