Andy Dean - Teaching and Learning, QA, Coaching, Behaviour - Assistant Principal, Airedale Academy

Andy began teaching at Airedale Academy Castleford West Yorkshire in 2005 as a PE Teacher, was promoted to Year Progress Leader in 2006 and then Assistant Principal in 2010. He has been Assistant Principal at Airedale Academy for the past three years in charge of Teaching and Learning and has been responsible for leading whole school inset related to a variety of lesson pedagogy. Andy has led whole school coaching which has seen a transformation in lesson observations judgements (currently 75% of lessons observed are judged as good-outstanding).

Andy’s previous role was Year Progress Leader, taking a year group through school from Year 7-11; this enabled him to lead and manage the year group through Key Stage 3 and4 and deal with the challenges and transitions that each year group faces. The year group achieved the Academy’s best ever results in 2011 with 59% of the cohort achieving 5A*-C grades including Eng-Maths (FFTD prediction was 35%, previous year group achieved 41%).

Andy has also been involved in school improvement work at Yewlands Technology College in Sheffield in 2009, working alongside the Head of Year 11 in which whole school results improved by 15% following intervention and collaboration of strategies and ideas.

Andy has delivered numerous inset and CPD to all types of staff at Airedale Academy, Hemsworth Arts and Community College and delivered training sessions to Wakefield GTP on a variety of areas related to lesson pedagogy.