Caroline Parkin – Primary - Nursery Teacher, Outwood Primary Academy Ledger Lane

Caroline has been a Primary teacher for the last twenty years and has taught across both Foundation Stage and Key stage one, where she has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience. Over the last five years Caroline has worked in Lower Foundation Stage and has developed a greater understanding about the absolute need for excellent early years provision.

Early years settings are children’s first experience of school life, Caroline feels it is vitally important that we as practitioners get it correct right from the start. If you give children a good start to their education (strong Foundations! ) it is easier to build from there.

She has worked with colleagues within school to develop Early Years provision and practice and continues to monitor progress. Caroline manages staff effectively to ensure that they provide the best possible practice for each child and adapt their strategies to help ensure this is achieved.

At Outwood Primary Academy Ledger Lane we have an outstanding team of teachers, who work hard and always put ‘children first ‘ - one of the best tools to help with teachers professional development is to share outstanding practice and gather information from colleagues. As an experienced teacher Caroline feels that she can share good practice not only with her own school but within other Early Years settings to help improve education for all.