Chris Wood – Science - Head of Chemistry, Hall Cross Academy

In September 2014 Chris took on the role of Head of Chemistry at Hall Cross Academy in Doncaster.

Chris’ strengths lie in data analysis, intervention techniques and making impact at both KS4 and KS5. Using a variety of strategies which involves tracking and monitoring of students and including them in their own progress monitoring. This has allowed many of the schools he has worked in to increasing both A*-C, 4 Levels of Progress and A*-A based around the needs of that particular establishment both within science as well as other core subjects. This is fundamentally what schools are all judged on after all.

In conjunction to this he has delivered CPD sessions based on new technologies, behaviour strategies and “Teaching Outstanding Lessons.” As technology progresses at an exponential rate it is imperative to remain relevant. Chris has been involved in the delivery of Middle Leader training, ITT & GTP teacher training and also Teacher Improvement schemes.

In 2012 Chris completed his Master’s Degree in Teaching and Learning with particular emphasis on Leadership Strategies.