James Broad - Sixth Form - Vice Principal, Outwood Academy Adwick

Prior to being a Vice Principal, James was Assistant Principal and Director of Post-16 at Outwood Academy Adwick and, before working with the Outwood Family, was the Lead Geography Lecturer and a PGCE / PCET tutor at a further education college for nine years. During this period, he studied part time for an MA (by research) at the University of York, researching independent learning within the post-16 context and was also involved with the Geographical Association as a teaching consultant with a focus upon independent learning and action research in post-16 education.

James has published in peer-reviewed journals, written a book focussed upon A Level Geography key skills and currently peer reviews for an international education journal. James is particularly interested in post-16 education as a ‘gateway phase’ and how the needs of the learner can be met through IAG, curriculum design and partnerships.