Kathryn Greenhalgh - Maths - Director of Maths, Outwood Grange Acadmies Trust

Kathryn has been Director of Maths since 2009 and over this time has worked closely with Maths departments – and as part of maths department leadership – in improving outcomes for all students in mathematics. Kathryn has worked with schools in National Challenge, Notice to Improve and Special Measures – supporting them in raising attainment, implementing policies and procedures, improving monitoring and tracking and preparing them for OFSTED.

Kathryn’s classroom experience and in-depth research into how children learn maths, have anxiety of maths and/or have difficulty recalling algorithm if not a ‘top’ mathematician, means she has developed empathy for the students and a knowledge of how to ensure different types of learner succeed in maths.

She has experience of what works in different types of schools, with widely varying maths teams and students. There are structures and systems that can be put in place in any maths department and school and have impact very quickly. In addition to this, Kathryn strongly believes in bespoke support – through team-teaching, coaching, intervention with students, working on specific skills and training needs within the department to improve results and build capacity.