Laura Reader – English - Head of English, Airedale Academy

Laura has worked at Airedale Academy since 2008 and prior to this worked in the FE sector teaching MFL classes and was also centre moderator.

In 2010, Laura became Head of Key Stage 3 English and launched APP, redesigning schemes of work and assessment to suit the changing curriculum. The number of students achieving 2 levels of progress and level 5 indicators rose by 20% under her leadership.

After two years in post, Laura was appointed as Head of English, a role which she finds to be inspiring and enjoyable every single day. The academy results are currently at an all-time high, with 52% of students achieving 4 levels of progress, putting the department in the 'outstanding' achievement bracket.

To date, Laura has been involved in various school-to-school support projects, including hosting best practice visits and delivering INSET, with her longest deployment supporting the English department at Manor College in Hartlepool, where she has been contracted to offer on-going support and challenge over the academic year.