Nathan Dwyer - Science - Head of Faculty, Outwood Academy Adwick

An outstanding Physics teacher and from September 2015, Head of Science at Outwood Academy Adwick, Nathan started at Outwood Grange Academy as an NQT, after 2 years was promoted to Head of Physics and vastly improved the consistency and pace of Physics GCSE and A level lessons. This improved student confidence in the subject and saw Post 16 numbers increase from around 20 to nearly 60. In his fifth year of teaching Nathan secured the role of 2nd in Science and focussed on the delivery, monitoring and quality of work in Vocational Science courses. During this time he successfully led the transition from OCR Nationals in Science to NQF Level 2 BTEC; the next focus is the delivery of Core GCSE Science to lower ability sets.

Nathan has been an ITT mentor for over seven years and during the last three has worked with Initial Teacher Training providers and with Leeds University for two years to deliver weekly training sessions on Physics teaching for non-specialists. The feedback was consistently good or outstanding. Following on from this fantastic experience Nathan took on the role of Associate Assistant Principal in Teaching School working with trainees following the Schools Direct route into teaching. This role involved the responsibility of ITT coordinator and creativity of delivering training sessions on more whole school issues such as assessment, intervention, revision and communication with parents/carers.

For the last 5 years he has marked A2 exam papers for AQA Physics A - Nuclear Physics and been judged as grade A every year. This work has given a great insight into student responses, misconceptions and as such his own teaching practice has evolved to better prepare students. He regularly shares this experience and insight with colleagues and students.