Nicola Fareham –Maths - Head of Maths, Outwood Grange Academy

Nicola was appointed to the role in 2010, having taught since 2004. She has accrued considerable expertise in maths teaching and department leadership. In the last 3 years in the role of Head of Department, GCSE results have improved considerably. The percentage of students achieving A* to C in maths in Year 11 has increased 15% from 73% in June 2010 to 88% in June 2013; the percentage of students achieving an A/A* in Year 11 has increased from 11% to 22%; the percentage of students making 3 levels of progress increased from 64% to 84%; the percentage of students in Year 10 achieving an A*-C grade increased from 52% to 71%; and the percentage of A2 students achieving an A* to B grade has increased from 53% to 92%. The improvements in the results have been the impact of strategic intervention at all levels.

These results as Head of Department have given Nicola confidence to support other maths departments and colleagues. She has delivered a range of training on numeracy, transition, leadership and raising attainment in maths. As Head of Department, Nicola led training regularly to ensure her team are up to date with the latest developments and practices in maths; Nicola has also been working on teaching and learning with staff on support plans, NQTs, and also staff who really want to make the jump between Good and Outstanding. Working closely with others to build capacity in the department, particularly using data for student monitoring and intervention, and monitoring staff performance Nicola has also supported other Heads of Maths in the Outwood Grange Family of Schools.

Nicola is currently an examiner for Edexcel GCSE Maths, enabling her to advise on strategies to raise attainment in GCSE Maths, as well as at A level (especially OCR-MEI). As a SLE for Maths, Nicola looks forward to developing her outreach work and using her experience to help more students to reach their potential.