Rupert Burgess - English, Data Analysis - Head of English, Outwood Grange Academy

Rupert has been Head of English at Outwood Grange Academy since 2001 and now combines aspects of this role with Director of English for OGAT. During this time, he has accrued considerable expertise in a wide range of matters of English teaching and department leadership, and the department’s results at both GCSE and A level have risen considerably: in 2013, 90% of students achieved an A*-C grade in GCSE English (well above FFT Rank 10) and A level results are now regularly in the top 10% nationally in terms of value-added outcomes.

Rupert has delivered a range of training on middle leadership and raising attainment in English and supports other Heads of English in the Outwood Grange Family of Schools. He is able to advise on strategies to raise attainment in all aspects of WJEC GCSE English/English Language specifications, as well as A Level (especially AQA Language B, AQA Literature B, AQA Language and Literature A).

Rupert offers support in all aspects of department leadership but has particular expertise in using data for student monitoring and intervention, in strategic planning, and in monitoring and managing staff performance. As a SLE for Data Analysis, he can provide bespoke systems for managing data in departments and train staff in their use, as well as work with Heads of Department in analysing examination results and current student performance data.