Ruth Ward - Behaviour - Assistant Headteacher, North Huddersfield Trust School

Ruth has been an Assistant Headteacher with a lead on behaviour and inclusion at North Huddersfield Trust School (NHTS) for two years and at Fartown High School (FHS) for two and half years prior to that. NHTS is a multi-cultural school with the following characteristics: FSM: 58.4%, Minority Ethnic Groups: 72.9%, English as an additional language: 50.4%, SEN school action: 28.4%, SEN school action plus/statement: 16.5%, Stability: 95.3%, Deprivation indicator: 0.41
FHS closed due to challenging circumstances around behaviour and safety in August 2011 and NHTS, a new school opened in its place. During this transition Ruth led the development of a new pastoral structure with the responsibility of overseeing pupil behaviour and behaviour systems.

Ruth’s work has been fundamental to the progress of the current school to date and in the school’s recent Ofsted inspection (March 2013) the school was graded GOOD for ‘Behaviour and Safety’ under her leadership of this area.
In conjunction with Kirklees Local Authority (LA), Ruth runs a Behaviour Strategy Forum (BSF), as a network for all secondary schools in the LA. This is a well-attended forum for relevant senior, middle and support staff, for sharing good practice and strategies intended for dealing with all issues to do with behaviour and safety in school.