Tim-Tim Chambers – MFL, Transition, Skills Based Curriculum - Assistant Principal, Airedale Academy

Tim-Tim is currently Assistant Principal at Airedale Academy; previous to this she was Head of Faculty MFL for five years. As line manager of MFL, she maintains an active role within the department. The languages dept at Airedale has long been a very successful one and recent challenges have been not only to maintain past successes but to continue to improve. The data has reflected the hard work of the department under her leadership: Since 2007, the A*-C success rate has never been below 90%, FFT(D) never below 75%. In 2013, 91.3% of entries (138) gained A*-C, 80% of the 56 entries at GCSE gained A*-C. 80% of all pupils equal or exceed FFT(D) expectations.

Success in MFL at Airedale has been achieved, firstly, by building a committed and motivated team working towards clear goals and sharing good practice; by encouraging a culture of success, fostering a positive working environment and creating a high profile for languages within school and lastly, by using pupil data to target, monitor and mentor students at various stages of their progress. Key to this success is avoiding complacency, constantly striving for higher achievement, clear vision and inspirational teaching.

Tim-Tim’s role as Assistant Principal in charge of transition has enabled her to work with schools from across the pyramid and completely transform the transition programme. Over recent years, Tim-Tim has led the introduction of ‘Discover’. This is a skills driven, theme based, immersive approach to learning and was cited as offering ‘outstanding opportunities‘ in 2011 by Ofsted.

Tim-Tim strives to apply her vision and work ethic to all professional duties; she is passionate about improving the life chances of all students and about developing others and would welcome the opportunity to do this.