Secondary Mastery Specialists

Cohort 1 Secondary Mastery Specialists

In 2017-2018 the Secondary Mastery Specialist will continue to open their classrooms to teachers though the Secondary Teaching for Mastery at KS3 programme. In this programme each Mastery Specialist works with teachers from the other schools in 4 open classroom sessions during the school year. In these sessions teachers will have the opportunity to observe a mastery lesson in practice, discuss this practice as a work group and also develop their understanding of one of the 5 big ideas of mastery.

In between the workshops, the lead teachers then work with their departments by delivering the same lesson in their own context and evaluating the lesson using a lesson study approach. They will also implement the idea of mastery covered in that session into one of their lessons.

As the cycle of open classroom sessions and departmental work continues, each department identifies the approaches that they wish to embed as part of their ongoing practice.

More details of this programme can be found here

Cohort 2 Secondary Mastery Specialists

In March 2018 every Maths Hub has nominated a second cohort of Secondary Mastery Specialists to participate in the central Secondary Mastery Specialist development programme. These Secondary Mastery Specialists will develop Teaching for Mastery in their own school and will start to work with teachers from other schools over 2018-2019.

Cohort 3 Secondary Mastery Specialists

Following the success of the first two cohorts of the secondary Mastery Specialist programme, Maths Hubs, working in conjunction with the NCETM, are now seeking applications from secondary schools that wish to nominate ‘lead teachers’ to take part in an important three-year professional development programme leading to the designation of Secondary Mastery Specialist. Schools nominating teachers for this role would be committed to the development of teaching for mastery in the lead teacher’s classroom, across their mathematics department and, later on, to facilitate and support the development of teaching for mastery in a small number of other interested secondary schools within their Maths Hub area.

Secondary Teaching for Mastery Work Groups (2018/19) – Recruiting Now!

The NCETM and Maths Hubs are recruiting secondary schools to join a free professional development programme, led by established Mastery Specialists, from September 2018.

The programme will enable school mathematics departments to introduce and embed a teaching for mastery approach. Already successful in thousands of primary schools, teaching for mastery promotes deep mathematical understanding and creates confident mathematicians.

Participating schools will become part of a national project and part of local Work Groups, collaborating with other schools to develop and share best practice. Each Work Group is led by a Secondary Mastery Specialist. Mastery Specialists are school-based teachers who have already successfully developed teaching for mastery in their own schools and been trained to work with other schools in introducing the same approaches.

Each school that is successful in being accepted on the programme will select two ‘Mastery Advocates’ from their mathematics department. These teachers will have the opportunity to work closely with the Mastery Specialist from their local Maths Hub, receiving a bespoke programme of support in their own school.

Funding Available

There is no charge to participating schools to participate in this Work Group, which is funded by the Maths Hub. In addition, each participating school will receive £2000 to help pay for the Mastery Advocates’ release time and for work within the maths department.

How to Apply

Please complete the application form below and return to

Data Privacy

As part of our role in leading the Yorkshire and the Humber Maths Hub, we collect and hold a certain amount of data about individuals involved in our work. The data includes name, role (with respect to hub work), school, email address, NCETM username and (in some cases) telephone number. The agreement between us and the Department of Education requires us to monitor and evaluate our work as a Maths Hub, and this is the legal basis for the data that we hold, on, for example, participation in the Work Groups that we coordinate. Such data is reported on a regular basis to the NCETM.