Key Stage 3 Scheme Teaching for Mastery

Inspired by the Shanghai Exchange, procedural and conceptual variation practice, primary mastery and ARK’s mathematics mastery we began to develop our own scheme of work to teach across our family of schools.

Our journey so far:

  • Began with Robert Wilne and our lead teachers.
  • Small groups of our lead teachers designed learning plans and delivered to the directors.
  • Directors and Lead Teachers worked together to develop these plans.
  • Quality Assurance collaborative process.
  • Training of all Heads of Departments and then to their departments.
  • All 15 departments contribute to the writing of themes for the Scheme of Learning.
  • Each theme is Quality Assured by a team.

Be aware of this:

Greatest care has been made to give clear teacher notes, particularly when delivering the ‘instructive learning’ or the ‘key teaching points’ in the lesson.

Occasionally you as the teacher may need to apply further thought as to what key teaching point is meant to be delivered and the reasons for this.

You cannot just pick it up and walk into a lesson and teach. The pedagogy is researched, thought through and collaborated on. It needs and deserves quality preparation time given to it to feel confident with the pedagogy.

As research and other materials and websites have been used, we have attempted to cite all of these in our bibliography.

Health warning(s) – Some varied quality

Occasionally a theme slipped through the QA process which was not the finished or even developed article. Very occasionally and due to a rush to get it out to be taught.

Negative Numbers Smart Board… An example of what’s to come