What is Outwood Institute of Education?

The Outwood Institute of Education is a large, geographical spread, cross phase alliance. We currently have eighty six members of the alliance, made up of secondary schools, primary schools, special schools, a hospital school, higher education institutes, educational consultants and educational agencies.

As well as offering training and support for their alliance themselves, teaching schools are asked to identify and co-ordinate expertise from their alliance, using the best leaders and teachers to:

  1. Play a greater role in training new entrants to the profession
  2. Lead peer-to-peer professional and leadership development
  3. Identify and develop leadership potential
  4. Provide support for other schools
  5. Designate and broker Specialist Leaders of Education (SLEs)
  6. Engage in research and development

Membership to the alliance is free and there are two types – Strategic Partners and Alliance Members.

The Outwood Institute of Education strives to ensure the best outcomes for children in all schools. By working together to create a network in which outstanding practice is shared and staff are given access to world class professional development, we aim to ensure that every child receives the best education.

The Outwood Institute of Education has the vision that every school is welcome into the alliance; be that secondary, primary, outstanding schools or schools in challenging circumstances. We are an inclusive and geographical wide alliance who will support any school in becoming a Teaching School in their own right.

Highlights of our current work include:

Initial Teacher Training

We are a provider of the School Direct Programme, working in partnership with Sheffield Hallam University. We train 60 trainees a year, in both primary and secondary, providing an outstanding experience for our trainees and workforce supply for our alliance.

Continuous Professional Development & Leadership Development

We are delivering the Outstanding Teacher Programme and Improving Teacher Programme, and are one of the 24 national licence holders the for National Professional Qualification for Headship, National Professional Qualification for Senior Leadership and National Professional Qualification for Middle Leadership on behalf of the National College.

As well as these licensed programmes, we continue to receive requests for bespoke training and accommodate this as much as possible, as well as running our own programmes.

School to School Support and Specialist Leaders of Education

We are delighted to have more than 70 Specialist Leaders of Education (SLE) across the OIE.

We plan to deploy our SLEs quickly, to ensure they see the benefit of their role. Some are currently involved in a Research and Development Programme, and we will be deploying some to deliver some bespoke training, requested from a number of schools.

The Outwood Institute of Education website has a pen portrait of all our SLEs and will be an avenue for schools to identify the support we can offer.

Maths Hub

The Yorkshire and the Humber Maths Hub is led by the Outwood Institute of Education, and its key strategic partners including teaching school alliances, neighbouring schools and colleges, universities, subject associations, maths experts and employers.

This is just a snapshot of the projects the Outwood Institute of Education is working on. For more information...