Early Career Development

The support and development a teacher receives in their first years of teaching is fundamental to ensuring a rewarding, successful and enjoyable career in the profession.

We offer a two year programme for teachers in their first (NQTs) and second (RQTs) years of teaching. Our content is based on the Department for Education’s Early Career Framework (ECF). Although this will not be rolled out nationally in September 2021, we are embedding the framework from September 2019 into our programmes.

The ECF was designed in collaboration with an expert advisory group. It has been designed to support early career teacher development in 5 core areas:

  • Behaviour management;

  • Pedagogy;

  • Curriculum;

  • Assessment; and

  • Professional behaviours.

The ECF underpins what early career teachers should be entitled to learn about and learn how to do. This is based on:

  • Expert guidance; and 

  • The best available research and evidence.

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